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The dental experience starts with the first telephone call you make to our office, we will be happy to reserve an appointment for you. You will be asked a few questions so our first session together will go smoothly and to assure you we will meet your particular needs. 

 In order to meet the scheduling requests of all our patients, we have established protocols regarding appointment scheduling.  Arriving to our office, one of our staff members will greet you and guide you through your appointment. Also, any staff member should be able to listen and  explain everything to you, answer any questions you may have about the office or procedures. Review personal information, medical and dental histories, office policies and insurance information. Patient information, medical and dental history forms can be completed online before your appointment, just click on the new patient forms tab. After all information has been reviewed and confirmed, you will be walked to one of the treatment rooms.

The next step is the clinical examination. Having you understand your present dental condition and choices for treatment is very important part of our practice. Our evaluations and examinations are extremely thorough. We will allow a great deal of time to listen to you, discuss your general health as well as your oral health. We will make sure you are involved in every step of the discovery, diagnosis and treatment planning.

Dr. Bartolomei will thoroughly examine your teeth, gums and other hard and soft tissues related to dentistry, including temporomandibular joint, head and neck areas. Full series of x-rays, diagnostic impressions (molds), digital photographs of your face, profile, smile and teeth will be taken when necessary to help plan your treatment. We can provide you with a cosmetic enhancement, at no additional charge, so you can see the final result.  Dr. Bartolomei will address concerns and questions. One of our staff members will schedule a consultation appointment. Between the exam and consultation appointment, Dr. Bartolomei will study your x-rays, exam/charting, photographs, models and review your dental needs to develop a treatment plan that will help you achieve not only dental health but also your dental goals. Consultation with other dental professionals will take place, if necessary. Most of the time, a predetermination of benefits is needed from your dental insurance company before a consultation appointment is scheduled.

At your consultation appointment, the treatment plan and alternate options will be discussed. You will decide what option(s) is best for you. There is no additional fee for the consultation. Financial arrangements will be discussed and we will proceed to coordinate your appointments.

For questions about insurance and/or billing, please contact our office at (414) 431-1595.

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